Welcome To My New Blog!!

Where I plan to write about my adventures in researching the paternal side of my family history – the Varrieurs & the Eberts. You may already know me through my other blog, mahoganybox.net, where I’ve been chronicling the process of exploring my British roots for over a year. Thanks for stopping by!!!

My grandfather, Ernest Napoleon Varrieur, was the son of Joseph Varieur, a French-Canadian immigrant who arrived in the Attleboro, Massachusetts, area around 1883. Interestingly, this is around the same time my Grandmother, Elsie Mae Ebert’s father Frederick Wilhelm Ebert arrived with his family from Germany. Frederick grew up to marry another Germany immigrant – Louisa Litterer, who’d arrived in Attleboro with her family (you guessed it) around 1884 :-)

Joseph Varieur did not marry an immigrant. He married the daughter of one: Albina Mercier was the daughter of French-Canadian Lucien Mercier, who’s date of immigration eludes me at present.

I grew up next door to Elsie and Ernie, and heard lots of stories which (and I suspect a lot of you can appreciate this) I really REALLY wish I’d written down!!!!!!! Because they’re both gone now, and are sadly and greatly missed by one and all of their family and friends.  Here they are, as I remember them. I hope they’re smiling down right now, having a chuckle that they’re becoming a permanent part of the World Wide Web :-)

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